PIA-PULSE - 2018-11-18

Data Driven Marketing - technology-supported, customer-centric and carried out by experts. This was the first PIA PULSE on 14.11.2018 in the Cinema of the EAST Hotel Hamburg: A morning with exciting people, exchange and controversial discussions in a relaxed atmosphere, best practice insights and new impulses for the ideal marketing set-up.

PIA's mission: to support customers and companies as enablers of their digitalisation in this set-up. For the PIA-PULSE impulse lectures, we have put together a mix of topics that move our customers and ourselves in everyday marketing and offer insights into current topics. As a partner of the Next Media Accelerator, we attach great importance to always looking beyond the end of our nose and actively shaping the latest trends.

Special thanks go to our speakers, who gave our numerous guests inspiring insights into topics from Data Driven Marketing, which all participants can take with them into their own everyday lives:

  • Samantha Milinksi from Blume2000 and Michael Schönherr from blue Summit with: "AI Driven Marketing - How Automation and Machine Learning can take Online Marketing to the Next Level".
  • Max Koziolek, Co-Founder Spectrm (Berlin, New York) with "Conversational Marketing - What's beyond the hype"
  • Julian Mohr, founder and managing director of Nqyer Media (Hamburg, Weischer Media Group) with "Trends in Digital Marketing - how Influencer, VR and E-Sports replace advertising with entertainment".
  • Dr. Dirk Kall, Managing Director and CRM Expert at PIA with "Permission Management as Enabler for Data Driven Marketing".

Herzlichen Dank an alle Gäste, Referenten und Kollegen aus der gesamten PIA Group, die aus ganz Deutschland angereist sind und an das PIA-PULSE Organisations-Team für diesen gelungenen Auftakt beim ersten PIA-PULSE! Bis zum nächsten Mal :)

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