PIA PULSE am 19.11.2019 in Hamburg

PIA Group - 2019-10-17

On 19.11.2019 our event format PIA PULSE will take place in the Lokal Bastion in the Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte. PIA PULSE is a morning of customers for customers full of exciting impulse lectures, good breakfast and interesting contacts from the digital industry. This issue focuses on the successfully realized customer cases of the PIA Group.

After a welcome with PIA CEO Christian Tiedemann, our managing director Dr. Dirk Kall will guide you through the morning. For the PIA PULSE impulse lectures we have put together a mix of best practices that move our customers and ourselves in everyday marketing and offer insights into current trends.

This time the set-up will take place at the Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte, a traditional building with great architecture. We cordially invite you to a good breakfast in the new restaurant area of the "Bastion" and afterwards use the historical lecture hall for our impulse lectures. Due to the rest day we have the possibility to enjoy the ambience of the museum privately in the morning.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming our guests and speakers to our 4th PIA PULSE and are looking forward to the great lectures and cases.

Pulse lectures in detail

Moderation: PIA Managing Director Dr. Dirk Kall

"Google: Transparency, Measurability and Data Usage" with Dr. Bernd Fauser, Managing Director Google Ad Platforms, Central Europe

Dr. Bernd Fauser talks about current developments and challenges in the German and global advertising market. Using selected client cases, he will show how technology can help to make the issues of transparency, measurability and data usage accessible to advertisers while at the same time taking consumer data protection rights into account.

"Oberberg: Digital Transformation of a Hospital Group" with Martin Wider, Managing Director of 7SQUARED - the strategy consultancy of the PIA Group

Mental health and digitisation have more to do with each other than one might think. Through the Google search option for symptoms, reviews and the need to share with other people, the entire patient journey has become highly digitalized. Social media and online forums have taken on a very important role. Using Oberberg as an example, we will discuss the challenges and opportunities that have arisen for companies as a result of changing information and communication behavior. This case study also shows how Oberberg has consistently taken up the necessity of digitization and implemented it strategically, creatively, technologically and organizationally at all relevant touch points of the brand by building its own digital platform.

"Porsche Hall of Legends: XR in Marketing - Significance for Companies" with Philipp Grolle, Specialist Extended Reality

Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), Extended Reality (XR) - what exactly does this mean, how do the individual technologies differ and what significance do they have for customers and companies in marketing?

The Porsche Hall of Legends is the first VR Brand Experience in the automotive industry that allows users to discover the heritage of Porsche and understand the way of thinking that has shaped the success of the last 70 years. We show the brilliant people, great innovations and unique stories behind the brand. By using VR, we make these stories tangible and create strong emotions that leave a lasting impression. Away from a one-dimensional presentation and towards surprising, interactive storytelling.

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