Customer Experiences across all Touchpoints

Our 1,100 digital experts across 10 companies support our clients in the digital transformation of their business models, contributing to new business and customer acquisition as well as optimizing customer value and relationships. 

We are committed to achieving sustainable improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of all digital sales and marketing activities of our clients (B2C & B2B).

We aim at providing the most seamless, consistent digital brand experience that works across devices along your customer’s
entire journey.

Our Services


The PIA Group offers its clients strategic digital transformation consulting services to support them in solving their business challenges and ultimately grow their business. Our consulting services cover topic-specific strategy work, including reinventing digital platforms, optimizing eCommerce presence and transforming the structure of key business functions. 


We create communication and holistic brand experiences that strengthen corporate growth. Ideas can only come to life with the help of content and so at PIA, we use a creative approach that combines content creation with market-leading technology leading to proven accelerated attention. In addition, we also increase the effectiveness of a company's brand communication through targeted content.


Creativity in conjunction with UX are the essential components for creating innovative products as well as for the implementation and design of advertising, graphics, text, and offers. We use smart data to create tailored strategies and content for optimal collaboration and implementation of ideas, all while always keeping the needs of our clients in focus.


Our digital marketing services include high volume media management, media buying, and performance and programmatic marketing services to build brand awareness, reach new customers, find and manage traffic and optimize conversion.

Smart Data

Data is at the heart of decision-making for digital marketing and cross-platform customer experiences. By analyzing customer and user data, we are able to gain valuable insights that can be used to implement software-driven, customer-centric campaigns for more effective customer journeys.


Innovative technological solutions are crucial for the efficient placement of new products and customer communication. PIA ensures a competitive advantage for clients by developing advanced in-house technologies and working closely with the best tech partners.

Project Inquiries

You have a specific project in mind and would like to work together with us? We’d be happy to hear from you!