Who we are

PIA helps you grow successfully in the digital age. To do this, we’ve brought together all the experts necessary under one roof. Strategists and creatives. Thinkers and initiators. Specialists and all-rounders.

Online marketing and CRM are converging. Stationary trade and ecommerce support each other. Mass communication is being replaced by individualized communication on a mass basis. Through the use of technology, marketing and sales can contribute to the future growth of companies.

Those who want to exploit the full potential of digitalization must be able to manage the purchase decision-making and branding processes holistically. We believe that this process can only be optimally designed and managed if the relevant skills from all fields are brought together. Most companies are unable to build up and maintain the necessary experts, know-how and technologies themselves.

We founded PIA with the aim of being an enabler for the digitalization of our clients. In order to do this, we brought together and united eleven successful digital service providers under one roof, each with their own technological solutions: Appico, blueSummit, DELASOCIAL, DYMATRIX, econda, Feed Dynamix, .muse49, Performance Media, SEVEN SQUARED, TAB and UDG.

PIA Group

    • UI Design
    • UX Design
    • App Development
    • Web Development
    • Search (SEO / SEA)
    • Paid Social
    • Shopping
    • Display Programmatic
    • Digital Branding
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Digital Communication
    • Influencer Marketing
    • Marketing Automation
    • Customer Data Management
    • Big Data Analytics
    • Customer Analytics
    • Data Analytics
    • Web Analytics
    • Recommendation
    • Personalization
    • Feed Management
    • Data Onboarding
    • Product data quality
    • Product data marketing
    • Cross-channel digital media planning
    • Awareness und Performance Marketing
    • Media Technology & Consulting
    • Digital Strategy
    • eCommerce Strategy
    • CRM Strategy
    • Marketing Operating Model
    • Mobile User Acquisition
    • AI-Driven Mobile Campaign Optimization & Management
    • Strategic Mobile Media Planning
    • Mobile Programmatic Buying
    • Customer Experience
    • Brand Management
    • Content Marketing & Campaigning
    • User Experience & Technology

Management & Team

Together with all PIA subsidiaries, we pursue the vision of helping shape the digital future.


P/A in Numbers

PIA is one of the leading digital service providers in the German-speaking world.

  • €330mExternal turnover / Fiscal year 2018
  • €120mFee-based turnover / Fiscal year 2018
  • 350Clients
  • 1200Employees
  • 75Partners